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FAQ - RE5 and R4 Format License Related Questions

Are R4 and RE5 FLLA the updated version of R3 and RE4? 
No. These are new formats, each requiring a new, separate FLLA.                          

Are there any pre-requisites in order to obtain the R4 or RE5 FLLA?

Once I obtain the R4 and RE5 FLLAs, do I need to renew my valid R3 and RE4 FLLAs when the current ones expire?
No. As long as you have valid R4 and RE5 FLLAs, then you no longer need to renew your R3 and RE4 FLLAs. The Part 1 (physical) and Part 2 (file system) specifications obtained with the R4 and RE5 FLLAs are equivalent to the specifications obtained with the R3 and RE4 FLLAs, respectively.  The Part 3 (application) specification obtained with the R4 and RE5 FLLAs include the functionality specified in the two Part 3 specification books obtained with the R3 and RE4 FLLAs.

What are the R4 and RE5 Formats? Who will need to obtain these licenses? 
The Part 3 (application) specification obtained with the R4 and RE5 FLLAs is based on the specification obtained with the R3 and RE4 FLLAs, but extended to support the Ultra HD broadcast recording format. If the licensee would like to manufacture a product with Ultra HD broadcast recording format support, the new R4 or RE5 FLLA is required.

What are the business categories of R4 and RE5? 
Under R4 FLLA:  BD-R Media, BD-R Professional Media, BD-R Recorder/Player, BD-R Professional Device, BD-R PC Drive, BD-R Playback/Recording Application Software, BD-R Component, and BD-R Manufacturing Equipment/BD-R Testers.

Under RE5 FLLA:  BD-RE Media, BD-RE Recorder/Player, BD-RE Professional Device, BD-RE PC Drive, BD-RE Playback/Recording Application Software, BD-RE Component, and BD-RE Manufacturing Equipment/BD-RE Testers.

What is the License Fee for these new formats? 
For each format, the License Fee is $15,000 for one business category and $30,000 for multiple business categories, which covers for 5-year term of the agreement.

May we record Movie Content on these new format discs? 

May we use the Blu-ray Disc™ logo if we burn the content on these new discs?  

No.  While you are not required to remove the original logo as initially marked by the disc manufacturer, you may not use the Blu-ray Disc logo on any related materials such as the disc cases, packaging, advertising, promotional materials, etc. on any discs other than on the authorized BD-ROM contents which are manufactured by the FLLA licensees who have passed the verification under proper format license(s).

May we use the BDXL™ Logo? How do we qualify to use this Logo? 
The BDXL™ Logo may be used if you are an FLLA licensee for either R3 Format, R4 Format, RE4 Format and/or RE5 Format and if your products pass the verification under any of these formats.  If this is the case, then BDXL logo may be used for the BDXL product within the Format category for which you have licensed.

What is BD-R Professional Media under the R4 and RE5 FLLAs?
Professional Media is intended to be used mainly for data archiving purpose and can be played back only by Professional Media Drive. The data recording and playback layers have been set on both sides of this BD-R Media of which the total capacity is 200GB. This media is enclosed in the private cartridge specially designed for BD-R Professional Media.