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Only those questions regarding Blu-ray Disc License is accepted. If you already decided to contract agreement with us, please confirm License Procedure page first, and send us an application form by fax or e-mail.

Blu-ray Disc Association License Office

Fax : +1-503-644-6708

Blu-ray Disc Association
3855 SW 153rd Drive Beaverton, OR
97003 USA

About the Blu-ray Disc Association Licensing Office

The Blu-ray Disc Association License Office is responsible for Blu-ray Disc Information Agreement (IA), Blu-ray Disc License Agreements including AVCREC (FLLA and except CPSA for RE1), Content Participant Agreement (CPA) and CPA-Light Version, Blu-ray Disc Logo License Agreement (LLA) and Blu-ray Logo License Agreement for BD PC (PC LLA).

Questions regarding CPAS for BD-RE Version 1

If you have any question about CPSA for BD-RE Version 1, please kindly contact