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Hardware Manufacture (Type A Licensee)

Download the appropriate application form and send it to us by e-mail or fax.

Fax : +1-503-644-6708

Application for BD-Live Logo License and Online Certificate Issuance Agreement






Procedure & Fees: In order to qualify for the BD-Live Logo License and Online Certificate Issuance Agreement, you must be a BD-ROM FLLA licensee for Movie Player, Game Console and/or PC application software (Type A licensee). Then you can submit an application from to us via email or fax under Type A Licensee.
Then the following steps have to take place;
Execute the BD-Live Agreement, for free. This is the final step for this Type A licensee.

BD-Live Logo License Agreement Procedure

Our Policy of Handling Personal Information

Click here for explanation of our personal information management policy for the information collected through the Blu-ray Disc License Application form.