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Package Manufacture

BD Logo is solely the Blu-ray disc format logo which is registered by Blu-ray Disc Association. Basically, the Logo can be shown on the BD products which are authorized in the FLLAs (Format & Logo License Agreements) by Formats.

However, separately the agreement only for BD Logo License is prepared, according as the conditions as follows;

  1. Any promotion and advertisement for reselling BD Products that licensee has purchased

  2. Any promotion and advertisement for Licensee's contents recorded in BD Products

  3. Any promotion and advertisement for any technology adopted by or referenced in any BD Format or BD-FLLA

  4. Manufacturing, offering for sale, selling, or otherwise disposing of packages, cases, containers or carton boxes for BD Products

  5. Manufacturing, having manufactured, distributing of otherwise disposing of free-of-charge promotion materials or items for BD Products


You would qualify to obtain the LLA (Blu-ray Logo License Agreement) License. Please download the LLA Application Form and submit it to the Blu-ray Disc Association Licensing Office.

Fax : +1-503-644-6708

License Procedure & Application Form

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