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Privacy Policy

The following is an explanation of our practices regarding the personal information submitted by an applicant of Blu-ray Disc License.

Use of Information

The personal information submitted from you, such as your name and address, is used by License Office of the Blu-ray Disc Formats only for the purposes of the license activities.

Disclosure of Information

We will not disclose personal information you submitted to a third party without getting your consent in advance expect for the following cases.

When deemed necessary to reveal the personal information to a cooperating third party in order to fulfill the purposes Blu-ray Disc Association License Office has informed you of. In this case, we will manage the third party to keep the personal information in safe custody and not to use the information other than the purpose agreed upon.

When required by law or in good faith we believe that to disclose the information is necessary in order to conform to the requirement of law.

Administration of Information

We will keep the information in safe custody within the reasonable extent to protect from third parties accessing unjustly to personal information.

We will delete personal information when we judge either the purpose of collecting the information has been fulfilled or the need of storing the information no longer exists.


Please contact Blu-ray Disc Association License Office via e-mail or fax for inquiries regarding personal information, such as confirmation and alteration of your submitted information.

E-mail :

Fax :


Blu-ray Disc Association License Office retains the right to change, amend, supplement or delete present Personal Information Policy as the need arises.

*BDA has no relation to Blu-ray Ltd in UK.