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How to Obtain Spec Books for Studying and Evaluation

For Only Study (IA)

Information Agreement allows Recipient to use the current version of the Blu-ray Disc Standard Specifications solely for the purpose of internal evaluation to explore the feasibility of future development and / or manufacture of products using the Blu-ray Disc standard specifications ( but not for any commercial purpose, including but not limited to the manufacture and / or sale of products based on the Blu-ray Disc Standard Specifications ). Authorized purpose here is strictly limited to internal use only and Recipient has no right to discuss the Blu-ray Disc Standard Specifications with any third party.

1. Details of Information Agreement
Each part of the specifications can be contracted individually.
The payment structure is valid even if you apply in different categories (RE,BD-R, Read-Only). For the detail, please refer to the IA application form which can be down loaded at

*1 - After a completion of the agreement, the current version of the specification books will be distributed in print.
*2 - Reproduction of Blu-ray Disc standard Specifications are prohibited.
*3 - Upon the expiry of the agreement, all specification books shall be returned within 30 days to us.