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Format Specifications

Currently, there are Twelve (12) types of Blu-ray Disc Format Specifications. (As of December 28, 2017)

"Blu-ray Disc" and the Logo are trademarks.

Format name is "Blu-ray Disc".
The first format of Blu-ray Disc was defined in July of 2002, from Blu-ray Disc Rewritable Format Version 1.0.

By the kinds of medias (discs), BD Formats are classified three types as 1) Rewritable (RE) Formats , 2) Recordable (R) Formats , and Read-Only (ROM) Format. Every formats are defined the specifications not only for single layer but also for dual layer in the Part 1 Basic Format Specifications.

Please refer to following pdf chart for more information.

Updated on August 14, 2020
Blu-ray Disc Format Book Structure PDF