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ROM3 Format Specification

Blu-ray Disc Read-Only (ROM) Format Version 3

This version was defined in December 2009, for 3D movie contents with RPC (Region Playback Control). The special features of this version is an adoption of 3D technology.

Current Format Books

System Description Blu-ray Disc Read-Only
Part 1: Basic Format Specifications Ver.1.41 July 2013 Including System
Description Blu-ray Disc Hybrid Format Ver. 1.11 (Part 1) Sep. 2012

System Description Blu-ray Disc Read-Only
Part 2: File System Specifications Ver.1.32 Apr. 2011

Current Format Books
Part 3: Audio Visual Basic Specifications Ver.2.5 August 2011



Online Certificate Revocation List

The latest Online Certificate Revocation List, as issued by the BDA-CA, is available for download below. This file is created in accordance with the data format described in the BD-ROM Part 3 Specification.

For more details on the Online Certificate Revocation List please consult the BD-Live Logo License and Online Certificate Issuance Agreement and the BD-ROM Part 3 Specification

Online Revocation List
Updated August 08, 2008