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FAQ - BD-Live Logo License Related Questions

How can I obtain the BD-Live Private Key and Online Certification?
First you need to send us the application for BD-Live Logo License and Online Certificate Issuance Agreement. In order to execute this agreement you either have to be a BD-ROM2 FLLA licensee for Movie Player, Game Console and/or PC application software (Type A licensee) or a content provider (Type B licensee) for its Commercial Audiovisual Content. Please note that the Commercial Audiovisual Content licensee (authoring house) is not considered as a Type B licensee.
Then the following steps have to take place.

a. Execute the BD-Live Agreement, for free. This is the final step for a Type A licensee.
b. In case of a Type B licensee, Key Delivery Agreement (KDA) will be sent for an execution.
c. The invoice of $1,000/key is sent to a licensee.
d. Upon confirmation of remittance, the key will be generated by Certificate
Authority and the data in DVD-R disc will be sent to the Type B licensee. Please note that in case of international shipping delivery, it might take a week to ten days to arrive to the licensee as DVD-R disc is often scrutinized under export control.