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FAQ - CPA/CPA-light License Related Questions

What licenses are available to a content provider?
Content Participant Agreement (CPA) and Content Participant-Light are available for content providers.

How CPA and CPA-Light differ?
A notable difference between CPA and CPA-Light is that a former has a Third Party Beneficiary Right.

What are the term and fee for CPA and CPA-Light?
The 5 year fee for CPA and CPA-Light license fees is $3750 and $625 respectively. Fees are prorated from Effective Date to expire December 31, 2025.

Where can I contact regarding AACS, BD+ and ROM Mark?
You can obtain further information from respective web sites/e-mail addresses;

Adopter Agreement with AACS LA:
Adopter Agreement with BD+ Entity:
Interim Agreement for ROM Mark: Licensors are SONY, Philips and Panasonic


How do the CPA4.0 / CPA-Light 4.0 Licenses differ from other CPA and CPA-Light Licenses?
CPA2.0/CPA-Light 2.0 licenses provide the rights to use Blu-ray Disc Format Logo and RPC Logo on compliant 2D Blu-ray Disc Content.
CPA3.0/CPA-Light 3.0 licenses provide the rights to use Blu-ray 3D Logo and RPC Logo on compliant 3D Blu-ray Disc Content.
CPA4.0 /CPA-Light 4.0 licenses provide the rights to use Ultra HD Blu-ray Logo on compliant Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc content.

What are the terms and fees for CPA4.0 and CPA-Light4.0?
The terms for both agreements are 5 years. The CPA and CPA-Light licenses each require an initial fee annual fee (US$3,000 for the CPA4.0 and US$500 for the CPA-Light 4.0) which is due on every March 1 regardless of when the License Agreement was executed.

Is there a pre-requisite for obtaining CPA4.0 or CPA-Light4.0? Do I need to have a valid 2D or 3D CPA/CPA-light License in order to obtain Ultra HD CPA or CPA-Light License?

Who needs to obtain Ultra HD CPA or CPA-Light?
Content owners who wish to use the Ultra HD Blu-ray Logo on their Ultra HD Blu-ray content and related materials need to obtain one of the two licenses. Content Owners who also act distributors or retailers should contact the BDA License Office for further details.