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FAQ - Blu-ray Disc Logo Related Questions

What do I need to do if I want to use Blu-ray Disc logo?

The Blu-ray Disc Logo is permitted to be used only on the authorized compliant Blu-ray Disc products which are manufactured by the FLLA licensees, or promotion and advertisement of those authorized compliant Blu-ray Disc products.

Logo License Agreement (LLA) - Use of Blu-ray Disc logo for promotion and advertisement is granted for;

a. Any promotion or advertisement for reselling Blu-ray Disc Products that Licensee has purchased;

b. Any promotion or advertisement of Licensee’s content recorded in Blu-ray Disc Products;

c. Any promotion or advertisement for any technology adopted by or referenced in any Blu-ray Disc Format or Blu-ray Disc FLLA;

d. Manufacturing, offering for sale, selling or otherwise disposing of packages, cases, containers or carton boxes for Blu-ray Disc Products; and/or

e. Manufacturing, having manufactured, distributing or otherwise disposing of free-of-charge, promotion materials or items for Blu-ray Disc Products.

CPA-Light License - Use of the Logos in connection with Content Participant’s and/or its Authorized Affiliates’ distribution and transmission of BD-ROM CAV Content on BD-ROM Media, related packaging materials, and in related advertising and other sales and marketing literature, including catalogues and brochures in compliance with the Logo Guides.

I am already an FLLA licensee; do I need to obtain LLA?
No, you don’t need to obtain LLA as FLLA already provides you the right to use Blu-ray Disc logo.

I am a wedding/event video photographer and shoot the HD pictures and burn on BD-R/RE discs. Can I apply for LLA?
If you burn your content to BD-R or BD-RE discs, Blu-ray Disc Logo is not permitted to use. The reason is the the Blu-ray Disc Logo is basically used to communicate to the consumers that the products having the Blu-ray Disc Logo is complying with Blu-ray Disc Specification and compatible with other Blu-ray Disc Products.

In case of contents burn on to BD-R or RE discs, there is no way we can assure the compatibility /quality of the disc.

To communicate to your customers that the disc is a Blu-ray Disc, you can either use a word “Blu-ray Disc ™” in plain letter on the label or you can design your disc, so that Blu-ray Disc Logo on the original blank disc is visible to the consumers.

You may use “Blu-ray Disc ™” in plain letter in your website/printed materials to publicize that you are providing your services using Blu-ray format.