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FAQ - IA Related Questions

What is the difference between Information Agreement and Format and Logo License Agreement?
Information Agreement is only for study or evaluation purpose. FLLA allows a licensee to use specifications solely to develop, manufacture, and sell the Blu-ray Disc products, plus to have the right to use the Blu-ray Disc logo.

What is the fee for IA?
The fee for the first book is $2,500. The second book is $1,500. The third book and onward books are $1,000 each. So for example, if you need two books, then the fee will be $4,000 ($2,500 plus $1,500). If you need three books, then the fill will be $5,000 ($2,500 plus $1500 plus 1,000).
The term of IA is one year.

Is Information Agreement a renewable contract?
No. IA recipient must return all the delivered specification books to the License Office upon expiration of IA. If the recipient wishes to keep the IA, they must reapply for the new IA.  Once the new IA is executed, new books will be sent to the recipient.

Specification books are the same for IA and FLLA?
Yes. You will receive the same specification books whichever you contract, either IA or FLLA

Will Specification of Version-up be provided on IA?
No. In the IA, it is stated to deliver the current available books upon the execution of the agreement.
You are only allowed to purchase the books once at the time of executing the IA; no additional book orders allow at the later time. So make sure to mark all the books you need when you fill out the application form.

I have purchased some Blu-ray Disc Specification Books under IA, which is about to expire. Now I am ready to obtain the FLLA license. Would I receive any discounts on the FLLA license fee?
Yes.  A discount of $1,000 per spec book (which you purchased under IA) would apply towards your FLLA license fee, if you obtain the FLLA license before your IA expires. However, we only count those Blu-ray Disc specification books available under that particular FLLA License you obtain.  For example, if you purchased BD-R Part1, Part2, BD-RE3 Part3 and BD-ROM2 Part1 & 2, ROM2 Part3 BD spec books under IA, and you decide to obtain ROM2 FLLA license. Then you will only receive $3,000 discount in total from ROM Part1 & 2, ROM2 Part3 BD spec books, as other spec books are not provided under ROM2 FLLA.

Can IA be contracted without having a Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) membership?
Yes, you can precede with your contract without being a member of BDA.
In case you like to have a membership of BDA, please contact with