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FAQ - Other Questions

Can the FLLA/IA/Logo License/CPA/CPA-Light agreement provisions be negotiated and modified?
No. All agreements are standard agreements and cannot be changed from one licensee to another.

Where can I get more technical information on Blu-ray Disc?
You may visit BDA Technical White Paper web site at

At this web site, you can download a wide selection of technical white papers prepared by the various Technical Working Groups of the Blu-ray Disc Association. These cover a wide range of topics, including physical specifications, file format, logical and application specifications and much more.
How to obtain BD-J license?
BD-J license is included in BD-ROM license.
Please visit BD-ROM Licensee Only Page to obtain more information and application. (ID and password required)

Where can I obtain the information for patent royalty related issues?
Please visit One-Blue, LLC