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FAQ – ROM4 Format License Related Questions

  1. Is the ROM4 FLLA the updated version of the ROM2 FLLA or the ROM3 FLLA?

    No.  The ROM4 FLLA licenses a new format, Ultra HD, requiring a new, separate FLLA.

  2. What is the ROM4 Format?  Who will need to obtain this license?

    ROM4 is an enhanced format featuring 4K resolution and HDR (High Dynamic Range) video that is supported on 50/66 GB dual layer and 100 GB triple layer Read Only Media.

    The ROM4 FLLA is necessary for those who intend to manufacture these discs, drives which are capable of reading these new discs, parts/chips for the Ultra HD BD-ROM Components in the ROM4 products, application software manufacturers, or tools and manufacturing equipment/testers, and for those who distribute these discs or drives and who wish to use the Ultra HD Blu-ray™ Logo.

    A ROM4 FLLA Licensee is required to have an active ROM2 FLLA in order to utilize the specifications necessary to enable the required backwards compatibility.

    For more specific details of the associated license categories please contact the BDA Licensing Office.

  3. What are the business categories available under the ROM4 FLLA?

    Ultra HD BD-ROM Media
    Ultra HD BD-ROM Movie Player/Game Console/Test Player
    Ultra HD BD-ROM PC Drive
    Ultra HD BD-ROM PC Application Software
    Ultra HD BD-ROM CAV Content
    Ultra HD BD-ROM Component, and
    Ultra HD BD-ROM Tools and Manufacturing Equipment / Ultra HD BD-ROM Testers

  4. What are the applicable License Fees for the ROM4 FLLA?

    The License fee is US$30,000 for one business category and US$60,000 for multiple business categories.  The CAV business category is US$4,000.  All licenses are for a five year term.

  5. What is the Ultra HD Logo?  How do we qualify to use this Logo?

    The Ultra HD Blu-ray™ Logo designates products that are Ultra HD compliant.

    You qualify to use the Logo by executing: a) For manufacturers, a ROM4 FLLA; b) For content owners, a CPA 4.0 or CPA-Light 4.0, or c) for certain promotional only uses,  an Ultra HD LLA.  If products created under the ROM$ FLLA pass the appropriate verification, the Ultra HD Blu-ray ™ Logo may be used for the product within the appropriate format category, as long as the use complies with the applicable Ultra HD Logo guides.

  6. If we obtain a ROM4 FLLA, are we allowed to use both “Blu-ray Disc™” Logo and “Ultra HD Blu-ray™” Logo for Media?

    Generally, No.  Ultra HD BD-ROM Movie Media cannot be played back by legacy BD-ROM Players, BD-ROM Recorders and BD-ROM PC Drives.  To make sure that this is clear to consumers, Licensees may not use “Blu-ray Disc™” logo for Ultra HD BD-ROM Movie Media product or its packaging.  However, Licensees may use the “Blu-ray Disc™” logo for the packaging of legacy BD-ROM Movie Media, even if such legacy BD-ROM Movie Media is packaged with Ultra HD BD-ROM Movie Media.

  7. Can a licensee enter into an FLLA without first having entered into an Information Agreement?

    Yes, you do not have to have an Information Agreement to enter into an FLLA.  If you already have plans to develop, manufacture, or sell Blu-ray Disc products, it likely makes sense to execute an FLLA as a first step.

  8. I am a ROM4 FLLA Licensee.  The ROM4 FLLA references a Content Participant Agreement.  Do I need to also execute a CPA?

    FLLA licensees are not required to sign the CPA.  The FLLA refers to the CPA primarily to explain the Third Party Beneficiary rights provided to the CPA licensees.

  9. If I am already a ROM2 FLLA Licensee, can I just purchase the BD-ROM4 spec book to make Ultra HD product?

    No.  ROM2 and ROM4 are completely different formats and you must execute either a ROM4 FLLA or an Information Agreement to receive the ROM4 spec book.  In any event, Ultra HD product may only be manufactured under a ROM4 FLLA.

  10. Is there a pre-requisite to obtain the ROM4 FLLA just like the ROM2 FLLA is required for the ROM3 FLLA?

    Yes, it is a pre-requisite to have a valid ROM2 FLLA under the same business category.

  11. I have passed the First Production Model Verification (FPMV) under ROM2 FLLA already.  Do I need to pass the FPMV again under the ROM4 FLLA?

    Yes, you are required to pass FPMV under ROM4 as it is a completely different format and profile.

  12. Besides the ROM4 FLLA, do I need to obtain any other licenses from the BDA in order to manufacture or develop Ultra HD related product?

    It is a pre-requisite to have a valid ROM2 FLLA under the same business category.

  13. How soon can the ROM4.0 specification books be delivered?

    Please refer to the FLLA License Agreement Procedures regarding the process for completing the application and executing the appropriate agreement.  After the BDA has confirmed remittance of the appropriate license fee, it usually takes approximately two weeks for the books to reach a Licensee.

  14. For the Ultra HD format, there are a few new licenses which have been introduced.  Which license do I need to execute?

    Please consider the following licenses which you may need to execute: